PS4 Original HDMI Pin 13 Resistor/diode questions

Hey guys. I’m new here so hopefully I’m posting this in the right place. I have a PS4 cuh-1001a that I’m ready to take a hand grenade to. It has the WLOD and I can not figure out why. So this is everything I have did:

Tried multiple cables and and 2 different TVs

Replaced the hdmi port and made sure the pins were soldered and not bridged (I have a circuit board microscope)

Checked the continuity of the pins and their respective areas as to where they go. All checked out good.

Checked the continuity of the hdmi filtersThose are good. They aren’t bridged left to right. I have continuity front to back on both sides.

Replaced the ic chip with a known working one, no pins are bridged and I made sure to check for loose pins

Checked the caps, none are shorted to ground

Checked the diodes, none are shorted to ground

Pin 13 diode reads 0.6

pin 13 resistor is reading OL while attached to motherboard. I made sure to flip the leads around and both ways read the same. Do I need to remove this resistor to get an accurate reading or is it smoked? I do have continuity between pin 13 and the right side of the pin 13 diode so I’m not sure if that means the resistor is good? Any help would be great!

assuming pin13 is counted by legs facing inward(port face out),left 1st
I test 2 of ps4 fat.
#1: pin13 diode 0.505
resistance(black prob GND): 6.0M ohm
#2 pin13 diode 0.559
resistance(black prob GND): 5.1M ohm
red prob to ground resistance OL for both