Ps4 original problem nobody else has

I have an original ps4 and one day I was playing but then the power browned and went out ever since then you would have to factory reset it download one single game and then if u wanted to play another u would have to reset it again download the game by itself etc now a year later after not touching for along time I wanted to try and fix it and now it has a safe mode loop but I already went through reset everything u could until finally I took a usb followed Sony’s steps to updating and reinstalling and it didn’t work it usually restarts the console 4 times but on the 4th try it just black screens loads the PlayStation logo but doesn’t load the Sony logo just black screens and is stuck there so then I shut off my surge protector and I’m back at square one now it managed to load once that was it but I got ballsey with it and shut it off now it’s really back to square one I need help ASAP please if anyone can give me some advice i have done just about everything I can

I’d say your hard drive is fried or in the process of dying. Do you have access to a different drive you can test your console with?