PS4 original problem

Hi my problem is that my console won’t turn on but I take it apart and then it turns on but it won’t let me press the ps button cause it won’t read de usb cable for the controller so I try to turn it off and it won’t do anything so I disconnect the power cable to turn it off and when I conect it back it won’t turn on sorry for my English I just need help with this

Hi Bebo2410,

What happens when you press the power button directly on the PS4?
What happens when you press the ps button on controller connected with USB cable?
When you say you take it apart, how much apart?
When it is taken apart, how do you turn it on?
When it is on, how do you try to turn it off, and what happens?

Once you clarify these points, maybe somebody could suggest a possible cause for your problem.

Well when I turn it it’s turns on but I need to turn it on with the controller sience the controller was use in another ps4 I need to use the usb cable to turn it on but I’m using a new cable and it doesn’t work like it won’t read the cable or something so I turn it off and again it won’t work so I have to take apart again to get to turn on men sorry for my english