PS4 OverHeating than Shutting down

I own 2 ps4, 1 pro and 1 og. I had the og for 4 years and sound beautiful, and has disc problem but not why Im here. I got my ps4 pro like a 1year and 8 months ago and I used to have My ps4 pro against a wall for its whole life and just a few months moved it. When I tired to play games such as madden 20, fortnite, spider man, Friday the 13th, Jedi the fallen order and battlefront 2 etc its works for like 3 mins but when Im in the game it sounds like jet engine, and later its says over heating etc. Then its turn off. So I just stop playing on it But now I have play on og ps4 for like 6 month, and now I went back on the pro, cleaned the fan and most tips and it stillllllllllll doesn’t work :frowning: helppp, and TIPS? btw My username here is, is my name for psn

Did you clean just the fan? Check the vents and heat sink they may be clogged with dust. If you have then try replacing thermal paste.

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I have kind of the same issue, but in my case the ps overheats and shutdown almost a minute or less after i start a game, and it haven’t been a week since i last cleaned it.