PS4 power button bent up, won't click down

Hi there
I attempted to prise off the cover from the PS4 without reading a ‘how to’ post first, thinking it was same as the Pro. Basic mistake I know!

So, needing your help please… when putting the cover back on, the final ‘click’ when pressing down the corner where the power button is, does not happen (the off centre corner on the console cover). This leads to the power button not working. Looking at the console front on, I can press the front facing part of the cover just to the right of the power button, it will depress, so this part basically acts like a button! I would suggest once depressed, it should stay depressed (like the ‘click down’ part on the assembly video)

Any ideas how to fix this?



If you can kindly insert photos, so maybe you can understand, it would be ideal

Thanks matrix1968, hopefully the attached photo will show the raised section to the right of the power button.

Note the power can be switched on and off by pressing the area to the right of the power the unit can switch on/off :thinking:

I have attempted to upload images however the app responds with “sorry, can’t embed images in a post”. Any ideas how I can upload images?


If you are new member than the feature for uploading image and link is still locked up, you need to login for several days to unlock this, this is just to prevent multiple spam accounts and postings