PS4 Power connection to motherboard

Good afternoon, my name is Chris and I am attempting to fix the pin connected on my ps4 pro model cuh7215b motherboard. I was just wondering if anyone can set me in the right direction. All pins came off clean except what I believe to be the ground. It lifted up but didn’t rip off. How would I repair this? I tried to find write ups on it but only ones on the other pins. Im new to this but a quick learner, so I wanted to try it myself first. Thanks in advance.
ps i can’t post pictures even though it states new users can only post one at a time

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Re-solder connections and use epoxy to secure the connector. You got off easy! I just fixed 2 that had multiple pads completely come off. This is one of the worst connector designs I’ve seen. They really should have had some connector anchors on each side.

thanks for the reply, I fixed the issue already.