PS4 power on, then off

Hey all, I have 5 PS4 consoles with the exact same issue. They all turn on, then off after about a second. Occasionally, they’ll keep 3 times. I hear a faint clicking sound that I assume is from the optical drive or power supply. Any and all answers are appreciated! Thanks!

If you saw one of his videos top 5 issues with the ps4 he does say it’s a problem with the APU. And there is no fix. Think I heard him say adding a washer spacer to get more pressure down on the apu.

Most likely an APU issue. You can try the washer fix or a reball if you can find someone to do it.

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My basic trouble shooting for PS4 with Blue-Off Issues (some are endless blue)

Try a long press for the Power
Remove the HDD , Test
Replace Power Supply , Test
Check the main board for Short

A bad Power Supply will result to Blue-Off (1-2 seconds)
A grounded board will result to an instant off (instant less a second)
A 1-3- seconds then off and an endless blue is APU Problem that needs reballing.

Always be careful with the washer trick it may damage the BGA Pads that may lift it off the board or the chip that may result a permanent damage of the unit.


Power supply don’t click mate but hard drives do when they’ve gone bad you got bad hard drives if there’s clicking as optical drives don’t click unless they refuse to open which is impossible in the ps4’s case as there is no drive drawer so no gears necessary to run it the clicking your hearing is the hard drives head slamming back and forth

Hard drives can cause power issues too when they fail mate it’s seen a lot in pc’s