PS4 Power Supply Is stuck

Hey Team,

I purchased a used ps4 a few months back and it is doing great. I did open it once to clean the dust inside.

Just a week ago I wanted to clean it again and the power supply is totally stuck. I have tried everything to get it out but it is stuck on the side where the power supply cable is.

I am sorry I do not have any pics but I assure you it is totally stuck. And yes I have removed all screws and the cable as well.

Please help me out here.

You have to pull up kind of hard, there are 2 metal prongs that go into the psu. Just unplug the cable so you don’t rip it out by accident

Hey there thanks for the reply.

I have tried doing that but it does not seem to budge.

Is there any other way to do it as I am afraid to damage anything else.

Will a suction cup work?

You shouldn’t have to use a suction cup. I remember the first time I disassembled my ps4 it took a lot of force to take out. If it helps you can try wiggling it a bit while pulling up to try and get it out.

I have tried all of what you have mentioned.

I did it once before it was easy but now its just not budging at all.

It’s a bit weird that it won’t come out after it’s already been disassembled, maybe you could try using a large pry tool or flathead screwdriver to try and get it out?