Ps4 power supply wont properly fit

So i recently disassembled my ps4 pro to remove all the buildup of dust and i assembled it as per the instructions stated. Problem is the power supply doesnt properly fit like how it originally was im trying to figure out what could be the cause. When i set it in only the right side (with the disk drive facing towards you) seems to properly fit and if i just try to screw it back on the center is just bulging upwards a bit and wont turn on the ps4 except for a split second of blue light.
Did i put something in wrong or is it like the tabs on the cover where you need a bit of force.

Could you give me a link to your posted picture for further information, with this few clue i can’t help you any further.
On that note while you give me the link please tweak a bit the link like instead go for www(dot)google(dot)com. For new user facility like upload image and insert link is still locked.

I figured out somewhat as to why the power supply is a bit bulging. Whenever i apply the two screws at the bottom plate(the first plate you see when you remove the bottom plastic case of the ps4 pro) to hold the power supply it begins to bulge upwards. I disassembled three times at this point and still receive the same results.

Also I didnt take any pictures and cant as my friend currently has it to look over. Hopefully he can figure it out or send it back my way so i can show what i mean. Though it does seem i can upload images now.

I think the pillar for the screw is crack or something, so the plate won’t go over it and that makes it bulge out, i don’t know it’s just blind analysis, without the picture i can’t help properly.
I hope your friends succeed

If its cracked what is something i should do to fix it or make it work

Just don’t screw the bottom plate. It’s the last 2 screw right, i guess it’s fine, after all even without the screw the cover is robust afterall

Told him to try. Its still bulging but less than before he said. Still thanks for the help

Allright, I’m glad if that could solve it.

We found the issue. One of the metal pieces were a bit bent and prevented the power supply to properly fit. Ps4 works fine now but its extremely loud(way more than before cleaning it). Not sure if we touched something wrong or it requires more thermal paste.

If you applied too much thermal paste to the processor it’ll short stuff out and make it think it’s overheating right after power up. Ive experienced this on a unit someone else tried to fix. In my case the board didn’t live but if yours still booted up theres a chance you can save it.

Fill up a spray paint can lid full to top with alcohol. Set the board, processor down into the alcohol cup. May need to put a small weight on top to hold it flat. Let it sit several hours. Most of the paste Will fall off and end up at the bottom of the cup. For the rest continue to hold the board upside down and scrub with more new unused alcohol and a soft toothbrush. Clean several times…that paste is electrically conductive and causes all kinds of problems if any residue is left.