PS4 Pro (7215B KH3 model) shows blue light briefly when turned on and shuts off. NOT a PSU issue

So my PS4 Pro (CUH-7215B Kingdom Hearts 3 model) shut off randomly last week while playing FFXIV and now whenever I try to turn it on, the power/eject buttons will prompt a beep and the blue light turns on briefly before the console shuts right back off. (If you press a button after that, there will be a beep but no light, and if you press it after that, it will beep and the light will turn on and off again. this repeats endlessly if you press the power button).

I can’t power cycle it when I unplug it as it doesn’t beep when i hit the power/eject buttons.

After reading tons of threads online last week, it seemed the Power Supply Unit might need to be replaced, but the new one i ordered arrived today and after replacing it, it still has the same issue. There’s hardly any dust whatsoever inside the console also.

So I was wondering if this seems fixable at all to you guys without losing my data? Is there any issue I’m missing that matches these symptoms? Or is it just hard drive failure?

I’ll add that it’s been humid here lately and in the 80s so could that have caused anything to deteriorate faster?

I really want to exhaust every option I can in trying to save my data. Any help is majorly appreciated. Sorry for any trouble and thanks for your time!

I have the same problem, it just blinks the first time with sound and fan turning on then goes off. The second time there is only sound no blinking or light. I tried pushing the top of the PS4 (not the removable HDD part but the larger area part) and it got on but keeps on blinking. Btw my controller can’t connect to it either, is this the same for you?

Haven’t tried the pushing-on-top yet but yea, same issue as you. Sometimes when I freshly plug it back in, if I use the controller to launch it, it will, but the console still immediately shuts off and my controller will have a white light on it until it just times out and shuts itself off.

Oh actually, my fan doesn’t turn on at all. I missed that in your post

Different issue then, mine doesn’t even blink white, and when I try to get it into safe mode it just shuts down. I searched but it doesn’t seem to be BLOD… anyways good luck.

Yea I can’t get it into safe mode either. Just a brief blue light and it goes off. And the controller thing i mentioned only works sometimes, usually it does nothing

sounds like an apu issue mate if it is then it’s ready for console heaven

Is there a way for me to check if it’s an APU issue? I’d try a reballing service if i could be certain that was the problem. I just really want the thousands of in-game screenshots and video clips on there. And for some reason my FF7R and Catherine saves aren’t on the cloud service so I’d love to get those back too.

I’m unsure I basically know power supply hdmi and apu issue’s but haven’t delved deep into apu problems due to them being only temporary at best when fixed and half the time unfixable there are people with more knowledge than me I thought i’d lend some of my knowledge on the issue

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