PS4 pro after sitting dormant for quite awhile, no signs of life when trying to turn it on

I have tried every remedy available to bring it back to life without luck
Verified power at the plug ( both at the outlet and the end of the cord )
Tried a different cord
Tried unplugging for 30 seconds
Tried unplugging for a full day
Tried inserting a disc
Verified a disc wasn’t already in the machine
Tried plugging a controller via usb cord to try to get in safe mode ( after charging the controller)
Opened up the top of the ps4 to blow out fan. VERY little dust present
Opened bottom of ps4
Removed power supply
Checked heat sink for dust ( completely clear )
Opened power supply to check fuses and check for damage to power supply. No blown fuses or visible damage
The inside was surprisingly clean with very little dust.
I’m at a complete lose on what to look at next.
Any suggestions?