PS4 Pro Beeps Once and Shows Blue Light

After attempting to replace my disk drive, my PS4 will not turn on now.

I have checked my work several times now. I have ensured all cables are secure and not damaged. I have inspected and even used my multimeter on fuses to see if I blew anything obvious.

It currently beeps once, shows the blue light and shuts off immediately. The fan does not spin but I can hear the system hum for a split second.

Try reinstalling the old one. If it boots now then swap pcbs on the disc drives.

I have the very same issue with my ps4 pro I took it apart to clean the dust on the fan.

Now it beeps once shows the blue light for a second and turns off. Can anyone help me fix

Just make sure that the +12V hole on the PSU are tight touching the metal plugs on the motherboard, if not try to lean one of the metals a little to make tight

I teted the psu I get 12v on the part where the 12 flat pins would touch and I gave replaced the psu. Same issue how do I make sure the pins are making good contact with the board?

Iv taken it apart again, with the psu plugged in to the ps4 with the 5v cable but not plugged into the console it dose exactly the same making me think its an issue beeps and turns off instantly. Iv plugged the psu in to the ps4 so its on the pins and turned it over then tested the back of the two long flat pins that go into the psu and get 12v. What is interesting is that the 12v is only visible for a second as you press the button immediate after that its starts dropping.
Making me think the psu puts 12v to the connection and isn’t getting a response from the board. How do do I fix this.