Ps4 pro coil whine?

I have a cuh-7216b model PS4 pro with a buzzing noise coming from the APU area. I have tried stopping the fan when the noise is present but the noise continues when the fan is stopped (I only stopped the fan for 1 sec). The sound closely matches that of videos on YouTube for the same model “coil whine”. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

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Probably a coil in the power supply that vibrates in voltage. It must be identified and changed.

Thanks for the reply but I’m almost certain it’s from the APU area? Plus I can’t find a replacement psu for my model

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Coil’s don’t make a noise mate it is likely a moving part say optical hard drive or fan try stopping the fan for longer

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It’s very confusing because it has no impact on performance at all. It only happens during gameplay. I mainly play downloaded games so I don’t see it being the optical drive as it’s never really used. The HDD has been swapped out for an SSD for testing but the same noise appears with a SSD.

It’s likely your fan then but if it’s whining it means it’s off balanced itself and needs replacing

Hey there,

sorry to stab your back @PinkLightning, but that is not entirely correct. Coils whining is the main causes for PSU noise. If you put your ear very close to an arbitrary switching power supply, the noise you hear, that is most likely coils resonating. With age and degrading materials this noise usually gets louder, also with increasing wattage of the PSU. Ever stood next to a power transformer? That humm is basically the same thing.

And, since coil while usually increases with current flowing, it might actually be the PSU in this case, since in high load applications, like playing games, the PSU has to deliver quite high currents.

I don’t really hang around transformers they carry too much voltage for my liking I prefer consoles phones and pc’s the voltage is at a much more acceptable level oh and on my ps4 pro it’s fan sits in the apu area that’s my reasoning behind saying that don’t know a great deal about the coils though i’m not a rocket scientist yet

You might be no rocket scientist YET! Not yet! :wink:

Sorry mate I just see those coils as rocket science but that last comment made me laugh I love your sense of humour