Ps4 pro controllers flashing orange and internet disconnection

I bought my ps4 pro around July I had a regular ps4 since 2015 and had zero problems. Now I’ve been having disconnection the ps4pro it will disconnect me out of my internet and the router is literally 5ft away. Now I’ve been having this problem when I play Call of duty cold War the controller starts flashing orange and disconnects. I’ve tried all 3 of my controllers and the same flashing orange light. Ill connect the controllers to the cable and it will flash orange then start flashing light blue but they won’t connect. I’ve reset them nothing seems to work… I’ve tried every little trick that I can Google to get my controllers to stop disconnecting and now I think its my ps4 that might be faulty. Any advice or anything I can do to fix this problem? Its so frustrating :tired_face:

On the motherboard there are three antenna connections, these connections and chip are responsible for all wireless connections to the PS4, maybe one or more are loose? The easy part it is simple to check as all you have to do is take the bottom cover off of the PS4 and you will be able to see them. If all three connections are good then the chip might be faulty and will need to be changed. This chip is available from ebay, and it is a BGA style chip but one of the easier ones to replace. Any qualified electronic repair shop should be able to replace it for you. Simple thing to try rather than get a new PS4 Pro.


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I was going to open it up when I remembered its still under warranty. So I decided to send it in. Thank you very much. It was driving me nuts on what the problem was

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