PS4 Pro Disc Drive Eject Sensor

I noticed my pro wouldn’t accept a disc one day. I took it apart and checked the disc drive. I noticed on of the eject sensors were broken off. Is this a common problem or rare.

The eject sensor? Are you talking about the eject button? If it’s not taking in discs the eject button will not affect that. Does it make noise like it’s trying to take the disc in?

No im not talking about the eject button. I’m talking about the eject sensor that every ps4 has. It has the motor and switches on it that get pushed when a disc is being inserted.

OK…those aren’t eject sensors. Those are switches that tell the motor to engage to pull the disc in. If they are broken off it’s most likely because someone removed the metal plate, then put it back on and smashed the plastic part of the sensor and broke it. If you have another motor you can replace those plastic parts inside the switches or you can just buy another motor and replace the whole assembly.

I bought a whole new assembly is this a common thing to happen?

No. Not unless someone has taken it apart and then tried to put it back together incorrectly. It’s fairly common for the plastic parts of those sensors to break off in that case. I’ve replace lots of them.