Ps4 pro disc drive, fan noisy and cant save game update

Hey thanks to you…TronicsFix

One of your clips helped me to fix my soaked up ps4 pro…but am still having some freaky issue with it …

Can you help if I explain that to you.Thank you

I bought a PS4 PRO some months ago and noticed that it got soaked in water mistakenly and refuses to accept or take in disc but one of your clips about how to fix disc drives helped me to handle it a little but few times it does thesame and I have to lose it again and do likewise

Now, what am facing right now it’s so annoying that I cant help it that’s why I searched for any of your handles so that I can share this… maybe you can help me.

I noticed that my PS4 Pro console date and time often goes back to 1970 and it automatically uninstall any game update I downloaded…

Secondly, each time the game loads up and starts playing like …e.g…while the game is loading,the fan will be alright and be making a normal noise but after the loading and the games starts, the fan will start making a gradual noise until it will be so loud like loud but once I end the game the fan will gradually stop the noise…

please how can I fix it and what could be the issueI often connect to internet to save or keep the date and time correct and if I forget to do so, it will wipe all the game updates and downloaded and start requesting for the same update I downloaded…please how can I fix this…thank you​:pray::pray::pray:

There is a battery on the motherboard that when the PS4 is off keeps power to the chip that stores certain information, (same as on your computers motherboard, for the BIOS) if this battery dies or if the contacts are corroded possibly due to the liquid damage you mentioned this could be the cause of your issue. Try cleaning the battery contacts and/or change the battery and you should be good.

Hit reply a tad too quick on that last one…so about your fan…if the fan got wet, maybe one (or more) of the bearings in the fan are shot. Or the fan itself is just on its way out…OR the heatsink is blocked and the fan has to work overtime to cool the PS4 down. So if you have it apart check to make sure the heat sink is clean and clear of dust, if it is, then maybe replace the fan.

Good Luck! let us know how you make out.