Ps4 pro disc drive problem

So when I wanted to clean the rollers on my ps4 pro I assembled it and it was taking a disc but then it got stuck so I had to push the disc into it and then it would read the disk.4 months later I decided to repair it and I looked into the disc drive and I saw that the black arms were not moving freely so I fixed it.I assembled it again.But now it doesnt take a disc in .I looked at the ribbon cables ,the gold pins are Fine and I didnt saw the ribbon cables being cut or something .When I put the disc in with manual screw and the turn it on the disc spins normally but when I press the eject button the disc stops spinning and after 2 seconds it starts spinning again.So I think that it reads the discs normally but it doesnt eject or akceptovat the disk but when i turn the ps4 on with the disc in it it works normally.I really Hope its not a motherboard issue.