Ps4 Pro Disc Problems

Hi there! I recently bought a used “good condition” Ps4 Pro Cuh-7215b and when I first started it up the disc was non-stop spinning the whole time I was playing the game and it kept overheating the console. I did some research and all that I could find was to replace the Disc Drive. I found one on Ebay and I tried to install it and everything was fine and it started up but it wouldn’t take the disc in. I tried again and it took it in but the rollers sounded horrible and it acted like there was no game in there at all. Any help woul be appreciated!


To take care of the overheating you could try removing the thermal paste from the CPU with cotton swabs, and then clean it with IPA cleaning alchol , thereafter adding thermal paste.

Dont forget to remove as much dust as you can with a spraycan of air around the filter and the fan, which will also make the ps4 overheat less and reduce the ammout of noise.

As for the disc drive, i would actually put it back in since it’s working, but just a little noisy, the reason to the noise is because its either retrieving files/booting up the game, which should last for like a minute or so, but don’t forget that newer games will also put a bit of a strain on the console since it’s pretty old and there isn’t much to do about it, unless you play a digital game instead of a physical, you could also put the console vertically since that can also reduce the ammount of overheating.

Let me know if it helped, hope it helps :slight_smile: