PS4 Pro doesn't turn on

Something happens to my ps4 pro, it doesn’t turn on, I press directly in the power on button in the ps4 and it doesn’t work, I tried disconnecting it and I left it for 1 entire day, when I connected it, it made a sound, like it beeped 3 times and it still doesn’t turn on. I’m scared, someone can help me pls?

Sounds like it could be overheating when it turns on. Does it turn on when you power on from the controller?

No, it doesn’t. The problem appeared when I was updating my console to the 8.50 I think (I don’t know the exact version, but it was the most recent), and all was working well. But then a grey and white screen appeared that said: updating software and the percentage. But suddenly it turned off. I don’t really know what could be happening, but when I press on the controller or in the console to turn it on, it doesn’t turn on.