PS4 Pro Error; Too Many USB Devices

I purchased a PS4 Pro locally knowing that it had an issue with an error; Too Many USB Devices
I read online that a full reinstall or a database rebuild may help but unfortunately non of that worked.

I tried replacing the drive and reloading it in Safe Mode, but it won’t take a controller so I’m stuck on the “Connect a PS4 Dual Shock Controller”. Nothing after that. I am looking for any suggestions before I start parting out the system. Cosmetically it’s an 8 out of 10, so I hate to part it out. There must be a way to get the console to see a controller, right???

If the controller cannot sync while connected to a cable in at the Safe Mode screen, it is a sign that the bluetooth/wife module needs to be replaced. I have had this same issue on a system. It is one of the dumb things about the PS4 is that even though it is not wireless connected in Safe Mode and not …wireless… it still utilizes this module to to sync up the controller. It is easy to spot as it is the silver rectangle above the hdd port with the wifi antenna connectors. You can pop the silver cover off and check for shorts with a meter in continuity mode, and if their are none, maybe can get away with reflowing the module. Just protect the antennae connectors from the heat. If their are shorts, it will need to be changed. I am not an expert but what has worked for since I do not have a reflow station, is I used a heat gun on the underside of the boad just to keep it warm, and my hot air gun on top, this took way less time getting it off the board and made it easier getting the new one on. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the response.
I will try just heating up the module to reflow it first.