PS4 pro fan loud

I cleaned out my heatsink and fan carefully and made sure not to break or remove any important but then after I got done cleaning my console out the fan started to rev up really loud it happens every time I play games please help or explain why this is happening

Did you replace the thermal paste?

Try to clean your “exhaust” behind the power supply and power supply

I replaced the thermal paste but the fan still runs loud when play games and I did a proper cleaning as well.
I have one question
When is it a good time to change the fan or thermal pads and if so where do I get good ones?

If the heat sink is clean and you’ve put new thermal paste in then there isn’t much you can do other than changing over to liquid metal.

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I just did the liquid metal upgrade today on my pro. I already had a 2 TB Samsung SSD installed. It has made a huge difference. The fan seems to run at half the speed of normal while playing warzone. But if you switch to liquid metal I would recommend coating around the APU die surface with acrylic conformal coating or clear nail polish