PS4 pro fan noise

So I have recently just cleaned my entire ps. Heatsink, fan, power supply also applied new thermal paste etc. It’s literally spotless. Everything has been put back together correctly the console has good air flow & ISNT over heating or anything of the sort yet my fan seems to be running at maximum capacity & is SO loud under heavy load. It’s actually worse than before I cleaned the damn thing. I don’t really know what the problem is or how to fix it so any help would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, there’s probably nothing you can do about the fan noise…some PS4’s are just loud. As games get bigger and more intense it takes more computing power from the APU on a PS4 which creates more heat and makes the fan run faster.

Thanks for the speedy response! Well that kinda sucks! But I don’t understand why it would be worse after it’s been cleaned? I mean it was literally filthy with dried up thermal paste before hand yet so much quieter?

Have you 100% cleaned the heat sink which involves removing the circuit board and the metal plate which the circuit board sits in? Looks like a grill. Usually they are covered in a blanket of fluff so the heat can’t disperse.

just tried to upload a picture but apparently that’s not an option lol but yes 100% heatsink has been cleaned, the thing was filthy, everything in this console has been cleaned it’s honestly spotless

Had the same thing happen to me cleaned the entire thing heat sync replaced the thermal paste with Grizzly paste and it sounds like a damn vaccum. Definitely cooler after then clean even though it’s louder. Also did a repair data base. Only NBA 2k20 and GOW make my PS4 hover.