PS4 Pro freezing and or restarting at PS Logo

Hello Everyone.

I need help I have no clue what to do you may be my last chance

I have a ps4 pro. It freezes at the ps logo on boot up 99% of time.
Weird thing is sometimes it also shuts down at this stage instead. When it does that you hear a kind of a snap or zap. It is almost like something component in the ps4 blew. Sounds like a electrical shock.

Once it shuts down. I try to start it up again and the ps4 beeps but doesn’t start up. Eventually I get it to boot up again. It freezes or shutsdown again like before. The led typically goes white.
So originally I thought it was a hard drive issue.

I reinstalled OS and it worked but the ps4 would not shutdown. I had to hold the power button for 10 seconds to shutdown.

Great! What’s next.

Eventually it started to freeze at the ps logo again. Nice back to square one.
I reinstalled OS again same exact weird result. ( it works, won’t shutdown then eventually freezes at ps logo then shuts down at ps logo.

I checked the hard drive. Did read right tests the whole 9. Hard drive is fine!
Deleted all partitions and reformated NTFS with a specialty program on my pc. Then reinstalled os on ps4. I Experienced the Exact same issue as before.

I Replaced Hard drive with a newer tested drive. Again exact same cycle of problems.
It can’t be the hard drive or OS. Seems safe to say.

I cleaned the system and the fan works so it can’t be over heating.
Could it be the power supply? The sound it makes does lead me to believe it’s a real possibility.
Is it the Apu?
Sata controller chip?

RAM model?

I honestly have no idea where to go from here Or if this even a fixable issue.

I got ripped of buying this used ps4 pro and I can’t even seem to fix it even after buying a new hard drive and spending days on this.

I spoke with technicians that do this kind of work all the time and they r baffled too.
I need help or this ps4 is going to learn to fly from a 2nd story window.

But if anyone has an idea on how to fix this its you.

I’ve watched many of your videos and you are a genius at diagnostics and repairs.

Please if there is anything you can do even if it is the advice that I should quit its not worth it please let me know.

I do minor repairs for fun as a hobby to keep console electronics out of the junk pile i do it for free for freinds, family and people that seek my help. I don’t make money at this and now as it turns out it looks like I am loosing more money.

The ps4 pro is in good shape otherwise I hate to just throw it away after all this time and money.

My Appologies for the super long description. I’m just at my witts end on this issue. i am sure the frustration is odvious.

This group may be my very last hope. I even tried several you tubers and so far either they don’t know or have not responded as of yet.


Hi. I am facing the same problems as yours. My ps4 is doing the exact actions as yours. I tried rebuilding database and installing system software update from safe mode, but nothing worked. When I turn it on, the screen barely turns blue and then it restart. I sorry for not having the answer for you problem, but I wanted to share this with you. If I find the answer I will announce it and you will be the first person to know.:heart:

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Well I appreciate the responce at least I know I am not alone.

Have you tried swaping out components like the power supply?
That is my next step.
However I believe it is a board issue.

Funny Thing is I may have just received the answer.
I have been doing a lot of research and I have reached out to some of the top technicians in this field as this issue is likely beyond me and I received the bellow email from a extraordinarily talented You tuber Tech.
It seems to be the most likely explanation.:

"sound you’re hearing could be the relay clicking to turn off the console. From the sounds of it you have an issue with power management, and the most common cause of that would be the southbridge. The CXD90036G, CXD90042GG and CXD90046GG are all notorious for failing. Sadly it’s impossible to know what model southbridge your console has without knowing the model number but it would be one of those 3, depending when yours was released.

The southbridge basically handles some power management as well as all input and output devices such as the hard drive, disc drive, ethernet, usb ports etc.

Hopefully this can help you figure out the issue.

Thanks very much


I just found out that that the problem might be from the database since the safe mode is working normally. And sometimes when I turn the ps4 on, after freezing it sais that “database was corrupted” and then it sais report problem. And while this is showing, the animation in the background is working normally, it does not lag at all. This means that the power supply is working normally and the main problem is from the database.

If this also happens to you try to rebuild database and if it did not work, try to initialize your ps4 after checking the problem at someone that is specialized in ps4. And after checking if any piece inside the ps4 is burned or broken. Because if any piece was burned or broken initializing the ps4 in safe mode will delete all your data and will not fix the problem.

Hopefully this helped you out and do not consider this as a solution to this proplem. Take your ps4 to someone spesialized before trying my solution.

Ya I have reinstalled or initialized several times.i appreciate the suggestion.
It works momentarily then fails again. It’s a complicated odd problem.

Hi guys, I’m having the same problem as yours, my PS4 was running normally one day, and the next day, it didn’t even pass the PS logo, at first it checks for any error or corrupted data and then it shows the PS logo, crashing right away, but the light stays solid white, it’s not the famous BLOD.
I was thinking it was a problem on the HD, since the other day I went to play Naruto with my wife and the game had been corrupted, and a few days later it happens to me.
Right now I have my PS4 Pro all the way open in front of me, I’m doing a cleaning, I’ll change the thermal paste and try to turn it on again, if it doesn’t turn on, I’ll change the HD, and if not work, I don’t know what I do

imgur com/a/kj7G5nE

It has a kind of corrosion/liquid in some parts
Some sites said it’s flux, or circuit glue, but I’m finding it really weird that it’s right above the HD and it’s got a pretty ugly face

I managed to solve my problem, there are some ways, I will quote them

  1. Turn ON the console with the TV disconnected, after turning ON the console, connect the TV, if it doesn’t work
  2. With the PS turned off, hold the POWER button about 7 seconds until the second beep, you will enter the safemode, change the resolution of the console if it doesn’t work
  3. Enter safemode again, and in the last option, select HDCP 1.4 ONLY, if it doesn’t resolve
    Download 3 apps to your computer, called CrystalDisk, HD TUNE PRO and HDD REGENERATOR
    After downloading them, check the “health” of your HD in CrystalDisk and if you have any abnormality with BAD SECTORS make an advanced diagnosis of your HD in HD TUNE PRO, using a case to make it a external HD

The diagnosis will tell you if your HD is bad and where the errors are, with this data enter the HDD REGENERATOR and type option 1 “Scan and Repair”, it will ask you which part of the HD you want to repair, type exactly the MB that HD TUNE PRO told you were giving ERROR, and hit the “M” key on your keyboard, it will scan in Mb
After he finds and recovers the bad sectors found, press ESC and type 3 to start correcting in another sector, type the MB of the next sector with an error and follow until finalizing all the errors found by HD TUNE PRO
After all that, try putting the HD back on the console and see if an image appears, if so, I advise you to back up all your data and provide a new HD
And if the console still doesn’t showing image, enter safemode and try to reinstall the system software, without resetting to factory data
The PlayStation software installation file is on the SONY website with the tutorial on how to do this

I used the Case C3 Tech Hd 2.5´ Usb 3.0, Black - Ch-300bk to put the HD and use it as external
My diagnosis on HD TUNE PRO took almost 15 hours
My HD was with 603 reallocated bad sectors
Now im waiting my SSD arrive, and I’m going to use my old hard drive as an external one, just to get my data
Beware of power outages, abrupt console shutdowns, console crashes and falls, lots of dust are harmful too
Take a time to watch some videos of TronicFix and try to change your thermal paste yourself, it’s good to know how to clean your console