Ps4 pro getting hot and loud model 7115b

My ps4 pro 7115b is getting loud and hot. Just took it apart and noticed messy thermal paste. I’ve already ordered 2 small external cabinet fans from Amazon. It’s well ventilated and heats up 15 minutes into a game. Will these fans work or do I have to change thermal paste? Taking precautions. Thanks also, would I suck the hot air out from the back or place them in front to blow in cold air?

If this is the first time taking it apart chances are the thermal paste will need to be changed as over time and heating up and cooling down…heating up, cooling down it gets hard/crumbly and no longer is efficient at conducting heat through up to the fan to dissipate it. Another issue you might be having is if the fan may be on its way out, spin the fan by hand and if it feels smooth and there is little to no play then it should be safe to assume the bearings are good. If it is hard to spin by hand or you hear anything that just does not sound…“right” you might want to think about changing out that fan. Finally look at the heatsink itself, might be clogged up a bit with dirt/dust preventing good air flow from the fan. With all of these factors good you should need need any exterior cooling, as long as the console is not stuffed into a compact box. Just my opinion hope this was helpful.

I have the same problem with my fat ps4 cuh1200, i tried a lot of things among the years and the best solution i found was, 1) use thermal paste Grizzly Kryonaut, its a bit expensive
but it works wonders, the fans tend to spin at high speed less often and when start to sound like a jet engine, narrowed the time to back at “normal speed”, 2) Change rams thermal pad, i used artic cooling 1 mm thickness, i didnt cover all the rams chips with the thermal pad, i just cut the thermal pad and put a square on the center of the ram 3) I bought 2 stock 120 mm fans with usb connector and put it on the rigth side of the console, this helped to mantain the ps4 fan at fixed velocity during gameplay, and make it less distracting for me. 4) also maybe could help change the stock fan, my original nidec (Ps4 cuh1200) model fan was to whining every time changed speeds, that was very annoying for me, so i put a original fat ps4 first generation delta fan, for me its less whinning at low speeds. maybe you could find a less noisy fan for yourself.
Now have much less noisy console, its no precisely quiet, but its a life changer, i see improvements in all my games, i used my cellphone to measure the sound output (averege decibels). The usual supects:

  1. God of war stays in 52-56 db (before 58-62 db)
  2. Doom 2016 55-58 db (before 62-65 db) Unplayable for me
  3. Wolfenstein 2 new colossus 54-56 db (before 60-64 db) Unplayable for me
  4. Uncharted 4 and lost legacy was a big suprise , was 58-60 db and now stay around 48-52 db, ¡a huge improvement!.
  5. Far cry 5 51- 54 db (before 56-58 db)
  6. the witcher 3 also a big improvement 46-48 db (before 56-58 db)
  7. Red dead redemption 2 55-57 db (before 62-64 db)
    Its no very precise the measurement but its perceptible the improvement.
    Maybe this could help you to reduce the fan noise in some extend on the ps4 pro, in general ps4 early models are very, noisy but rigth now i am very pleased.
    Sorry for my bad english, i am latin american.

You need new thermal paste I had a loud ps4 gave it new thermal paste and she was silent after

I use arctic silver 5 makes her a silent stalker rather than a noisy clicker

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