PS4 Pro horrible noises

My PS4 Pro has started to make a clicking, grinding noise when im playing games. Seems to be coming from the back right around the power supply I’ve cleaned the fan and replaced the hard drive and its still doing it.

Could be the optical drive or a bad fan cleaning the fan won’t help if the bearings inside are shot

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the power supply inside the ps4 does not have a fan (or are there variants with one?), hence not moving parts. So it shouldn’t be able to make those noises.

So it does not make those noises when you’re in the main menu or doing other things? It makes those noises only when you’re playing games from a disc? Then it could indeed be the drive, too. How do the discs look, when you take them out? Any scratches or marks?

It makes the noises when playing games on disc and digital, when i boot the console its silent, if i use Youtube or a tv app its fine, the second i load any game it kicks in and doesn’t stop till i close the game in use. With the fan im saying i’ve taken the top cover off the console, cleaned the fan because i read online that it could be a factor, replaced the hard drive and power cable.

Ps4 power supplys don’t have fan’s they use the ps4’s main fan for cooling

Hmm have you replaced the thermal paste give that a try

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@Kirch46: Is it possible you recorded that sound and upload it somewhere for us?

@kage-chan I have, it’s on my youtube, search for me Kirch46, video is labelled PS4 Pro clicking noise. it’s a spiderman console.

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looking at the video, I assume you’re pointing the camera at where the noise originates. I’d say that’s exactly the spot where the system fan is sitting. Sounds like a fan with something stuck in it. Also makes sence. For low power applications the system doesn’t neccessarily need that much cooling. I don’t know if the PS4 does halt its fan when only in the menu or no cooling is required. Might also only slow down. But when you play games, it definitely needs it and cranks it up.
Try unplugging the fan and see if the noise still is there. If not, replace the fan. But, when trying this out, make sure to only briefly test it. Otherwise you might end up damagign your PS4. If it doesn’t have safeguards to prevent it from booting without a fan. In that case, simply stop it with your fingers or something else for a few seconds.

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@Kirch46: any updates on your PS?

Mate your fan is out of balance i’d say one of the bearings is shot through and blasted it off balance either way you need a new fan mate i’ve been building computers since I was 14 i’m 32 now and i’ve learned in that time how to listen for a fault and diagnose it within seconds and how to do things where sight is impossible and I thank you for uploading that I knew the fault the instant I hit play we need more people like you without people like you our life can be really hard when trying to diagnose your truly a great person

Hi @kage-chan i gave it a better clean, really got into the fan, the noise is still there but not as loud. I’ve purchased a new console so may just trade this one in somewhere.

Mate it just requires a new fan sorry I was late finding your channel you can get them on ebay keep it as a backup you’ll find it’s worth it

Try to put a non sharp knife in there and then push it up I know this because I have got the same problem