Ps4 pro not powering on

Hi i’ve just put a new power supply in my ps4 pro because the psu fried and I plugged it in to check it and smelled a funny smell and it won’t turn on i’ve checked the power supply and it smells fine could the motherboard have burned out

Hey guys here’s the photo’s of the board

Sorry guys I uploaded some photo’s twice

I wouldn’t think the motherboard would have burned out. Looks like the old power supply was infested with roaches…are you sure there aren’t any in the new power supply you tried?
I’d try another power supply that I know for sure is good.

I recommend cleaning the main board first.

A thorough cleaning with a toothbrush and IPA is good enough (*ultrasonic bath is best.)

I checked the powersuppy it’s clean but there are some burns on the ps4 main board like around the pc speaker the hdd connecter and the main power pins

I’ll have to get those I only keep an electric toothbrush

I’ll give the new psu a proper teardown just to be sure it’s clean and give you an update

Well the psu is like new there’s nothing in there but the mainboard looks like it’s been given a coating of wood varnish in places though it feels like the board could have melted slightly unsure how that’s possible would it be cheaper just to get a wlod board and fix that up

With ipa what type do I need

It was bought brand new