PS4 PRO not working with my monitor

Hi guys, I think I may have a good one for everyone. I am not a tech guy but I have tried everything and cannot find a solution. My PS4 works with every TV in the house except the monitor (Panasonic High Definition Plasma Display model # TH-42PH11UK) that it used to work just fine until something happened. By the way there is nothing wrong with the monitor as I can plug in other devices with the same HDMI cable and it works find. Nothing wrong with the HDMI cables or ports. Can anyone please help me with this I am all out of ideas.

Thank You

Hello, was you able to fix your issue yet? It could be a couple of things…if the ps4 shows on other TVs check the hdmi port on the TV to make sure no pins are damaged in any way. Also it could be a resolution issue… you can check by booting your ps4 into safe mode, plug ps4 into the TV then press and hold the power button until you hear the second deep then release, select “Change Resolution” and reboot ps4 into 480i. Let the ps4 do its initial setup…if this works go into your ps4’s “System Settings”, select “Screen Settings” and choose YOUR compatible resolution for your TV and save the setting. (Choose the resolution that your TV is set to on your ps4). Hopefully it’s not the encoder chip on the motherboard. Hope this helps

Hi Christopher,

I have tried all the options below it does not work. It is important to remember the following.

  1. PS4 will work with any other TV in the house.
  2. I sent the PS4 to Microsoft under warranty and they said there is nothing wrong with it.
  3. All other components including cable box will work on the monitor using the same HDMI cable.
  4. This is not a TV it is a Panasonic Plasma monitor.
  5. All the HDMI ports are good.
  6. Multiple HDMI cables have been tried.
  7. Have attempted booting into safe mode, nothing.

Honestly, I am at a loss here, there is nothing on the internet about any of this.