Ps4 PRO optical drive problem


Got some problems with my ps4 pro blu ray drive. Bought it with ”broken, dont read disc” problem. Ok I changed the laser (not just the head, the whole module) and still not reading disc??!
Tested a dvd and what, it reads(!), put in a game again, did not read. Tested a bluray vid and the same, not reading.
Flipped the console upside down (like with Ps1 back in the days) for testing and yes it reads blurays perfect(!).

Tested the drive with my console open to see what happens and it does not start to spin with a bluray disc in it. By tapping it a little it starts to spin and read.

Have any hints or tips how i can fix this?

Have pics and vids of the problem but dont know to upload here. :blush: