Ps4 Pro Power Supply Replacement

So I’m trying to fix my friends PS4 Pro Cuh 7215B and then replacement psu isn’t turning on either but the psu when plugged in is getting really hot and idk if that is normal

The psu shouldn’t heat up if the ps4 isn’t running. I would check if the 12V line at the ps4 is shorted.

I unfortunately do not know where that would be are u talking about the 4 pin cord

If you take the psu out. There is the 4 pin connector and the two prongs on the ps4 mainboard. Check if the both prongs are shorted to each other.

Working on psu is dangerous!
The psu will store high voltage after the psu is unplugged!
And the ps4 psu is not enclosed if not mounted inside the ps4 console!

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Yea ik better then to mess with psu like that but as far as I can tell there isn’t a short it could just me the replacement psu just was bad

How do you know that the previous psu was bad? Did you check the voltages, which should be present on the board?

If you open up the other side of the ps4 pro, take the metall shield off, you can see on the mainboard the backside of the power connections (from the two prongs and the four lines from the white connector).

The both yellow 5V should allways be present. After pressing “start” the blue 5V should show 5V/3.3V and at the orange marking 12V should appear.

The old power supply it would turn on for like a instant then turn right off but with the new psu it doesn’t even do that it got really hot and start to smell like heated plastic so I turned it off and contacted the seller and there sending a replacement

Ok I got a another replacement psu and plugged it up and still got no response I checked the voltage like u showed in the pic and got no response and then there was a pop in the power supply followed my a little smoke so I’m at a lost if it’s just cheap psu or if there is a issue with the ps4

It blows the second replacement psu?

Please check without psu installed on the ps4 mainboard if any of the on the picture shown voltage lines are shorted to ground or if the 12V has continuity to any of the 5Vs.

Huh sorry didn’t quite understand what u are asking me but yes this second psu didn’t work and it did heat up and pop

Ok. It seems that there is a short on the mainboard which is killing the psus. I don’t understand why the original psu turns on for an instant and than off without getting hot like the replacement ones.

If multimeter measuring, shorts finding and micro soldering are not familiar to you, I would advice to give the ps4 to someone who is trained in fault finding and electronic repairs.

I don’t understand either that was why I was thinking maybe it was just bad psu from the Amazon seller

I have a component that’s not connected to the board so I solder it together still missing a leg

I need help still leaning is it still save to plug in

The standby voltage connector is ripped off the mainboard?
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1-773-956-3409 here’s my number it’s not letting post a picture
It’s not looking good I also broken c34 component I might be able to solder that back to the board

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