Ps4 pro- pulsing blue light, fan runs fast

Hi there. I believe I got burned by eBay again lol. I bought a ps4 pro That supposedly had no power. Went to check it and its missing the hard drive and about 50 screws. I robbed the working drive from my personal ps4 pro to test.

The blue light just slowly pulses…no video signal, wont connect to a controller, and the fan slowly ramps up to super fast in about 20 seconds. I’ve tried getting it to boot into safe mode and I cant even get that far. Ive Also swapped power supply with known good and no difference. Anyone have any suggestions? I suspect bad motherboard but I am unsure how to confirm.


Well looks there. Dang it. I’m gonna clean this mess but if bet i have a 5% chance the apu is still good.

Fyi…if you fill a spray paint cap full of alcohol, set the mobo with the processor facing down into it…and leave it sit a few hours 95% of the crap will just fall off. Going to reassemble tonight with the correct amount of Arctic silver and pray

Sadly same issue…although now the fan runs normally lol

Wow. Lots of help here lmfao

I know this forum sucks, when I post I get around 300 views and not one single reply until I figure out the problem.