PS4 Pro shuts down every time a game is launched

I bought a PS4 Pro on marketplace that was reported working. It sat for a couple months before it was turned on to be setup. Let me mention setup went without issue. After setup it was discovered that every time you launch a game (Fortnite/ Madden) the system will shut down without warning, immediately. No errors before or after other than when it comes back up and it checks the hdd. So far I have I’ve changed the hdd, rebuilt the database, have taken the entire console apart and cleaned, but still got the same crash on loading games. What I found upon tear down, was that this thing was filthy and had a sheet of dirt and dust on the backside of the heatsink radiator fins. The console has been fine for the 3 initialization processes, and seems fine for every other process other than launching games. I have no idea what to implicate to repair. I’d appreciate any input anyone would like to take the time to offer. Thank you