PS4 pro shutting off in 4K

I have a PS4 pro that is shutting off when trying to load a game in 4K. Works fine on 720 and 1080. Does the sound like a GPU issue or something else?

What do you mean by shutting off? Does it beep 3 times then turn off, beep once then turn off, or just cut out with no beeps or anything?

I believe it just powers down completely with no beeps. but I’ll talk with my customer. If it has beeps what does that mean? and if it has no beeps what does that mean? Thanks for the reply

3 beeps would mean overheating, 1 beep im not entirely sure what it means, and just shutting off could be the power supply, or a motherboard issue

My Ps4 pro just got fixed 4 months for keep turning off and turning back on and its doing the same thing again!

What did you do to fix it?