PS4 Pro Turns On, 3 Beeps, Turns Off

Hello, I took apart and cleaned my friends whole PS4 Pro. Whenever I put it back together and tried turning it on the following happened. I plugged it in and pushed the power button, it beeped like normal and the blue light bar came on. I heard the fan kick on for 2 seconds then shut off and as it shut off the blue light bar faded and the console beeped 3 times. The beeps are longer than the beeps you would hear when trying to eject a disc when there is no disc in the disc drive. I managed to get his game out by turning it on and spam clicking the eject button a couple times and it ejected the disc. I did not reapply thermal paste as I do not have any. Could this be the issue? I looked everywhere online and someone said that this beep code is signaling overheating yet it won’t even post or anything. I have tried unplugging and plugging it back in. Trying to boot into safe mode, and dumping the power. No luck. Any answers or Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.