Ps4 pro way louder than before

I made a post a few days ago about the power supply not fitting properly and fixed it. Everything is fine and dandy but my ps4 will now sound louder than before the cleaning. Im not sure if its because me and my friend did something or maybe it requires a new drop of thermal paste.
It just seems to be for games like cyberpunk 2077, i know that game requires a lot but before i cleaned the system it was much quieter where you cant hear it outside my room while the door is locked. I even tested it out but its not just a specific event in the game but now the entire game itself even in the pause menu where it would go silent before

If you applied too much thermal paste to the processor it’ll short stuff out and make it think it’s overheating right after power up. Ive experienced this on a unit someone else tried to fix. In my case the board didn’t live but if yours still booted up theres a chance you can save it.

Fill up a spray paint can lid full to top with alcohol. Set the board, processor down into the alcohol cup. May need to put a small weight on top to hold it flat. Let it sit several hours. Most of the paste Will fall off and end up at the bottom of the cup. For the rest continue to hold the board upside down and scrub with more new unused alcohol and a soft toothbrush. Clean several times…that paste is electrically conductive and causes all kinds of problems if any residue is left.