PS4 PRO Will Not Turn On at all

I have had my PS4 pro for 12 months and now it’s my turn to experience the joys of “not turning on”.

I have tried all the options of the SAFE MODE menu expect “factory reset”. I have downloaded the 7.02 version via UBS and inserted the stick in the PS4 however “cannot use file” comes up…File name all in uppercase and spelt correctly as specified.

I have tried downloading the file using WI-FI on the console however I am then asked to use a LAN cable, (this is not physically possible and probably not work anyway).

I have removed the top cover to see if there are any insects in there also, no insects were found.I can load and unload a disk, that is not a problem. It is not overheating and well ventilated. Scratching my head I do not know what to do…

Sounds like bad hard drive mate I had it happen to me once swapped the hard drive out she worked like a dream