PS4 PRO won't turn on please help!

I have just purchased the PS4 PRO motherboard that was sufering from blue light of death I mounted everything and put everything together but my console isn’t giving any signals like it’s not plugged into the wall power supply is new so it can’t be wrong. Someone help please.

If it had the BLOD then it’s not going to be fixable unless you reball the APU and even then it might not work.

Would your method with tightening work?

I know what would fix it replace all that shitty sony solder

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That would help but I don’t have knowledge and equipment to do that

Try the tightening method that tronics has, and if that doesn’t work you are a little screwed. Reballing the APU is kind of a specialty thing so you could send it into a shop to have that done. BLOD is typically an APU or south bridge failure… Don’t know what else to tell you man.

It’s not exactly a specialty thing you just need a rework station