PS4 randomly shuts off, blue light of death?

Hello! Big fan of the channel! So recently in the past month, my PS4 has had trouble fully powering on. The PS4 would either stay at a constant flashing blue light, or it would fully power on (white light), and then beep 3 times and shut off. Blowing a fan into the side of the PS4 was a surprising, but unfortunately only a temporarily fix for a week or 2. I just cleaned the entire inside PS4 today for the first time to see if that would fix the issue, but it didnt. Any ideas of the issue with my PS4? Thanks!

This sounds like it could be the blod but no way for me to know for sure. I’m assuming it didn’t give you an overheating message when it beeped three times and shut off?

No, it would not. Not as of recently at least. My PS4 wouldn’t even make it to the login screen before shutting off. Near the beginning of the summer tho I would occasionally get those “PS4 is too hot” messages. I figured my PS4 would start working again due to cooler weather but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Could be apu needing new thermal paste or a bad fan

Based on the info you’ve given I think your system might be all choked up i’ve seen this happen to a pc before I had to pull out the heatsink take it outside and clean all the dust out because it was full of dust i’d advice not doing what I did and using your mouth I ended up swallowing half of it just a heads up mate

First thing to do is give it a full cleaning and new thermal paste. Be sure to remove the heat sink and clean it really good.

Hello, quick update. So I went to a friends house who has air conditioning (I do not have air conditioning), and the system is booting up and running just fine. Any idea why that is?

Probably because it’s pulling in cooler air. A normal functioning PS4 will not overheat even if there is no AC

Sounds like you got a faulty sensor mate