PS4 Roller Gears not turning, rollers are clean and no visible FOD

Hello all, I have been watching a lot of the TronicsFix videos as of late and have found them very helpful, but can’t seen to find any information on this exact situation. I recently acquired a broken PS4 slim model CUH-2015a where the disk drive wont accept a disk. Naturally I thought the rollers were dirty, however I took them out and cleaned them. The rollers still wont turn, if I follow them to the white gears to the left the gears appear to be very stiff, is that normal?. I then began spinning the manual screw underneath and they do turn slowly, but it’s very difficult. Any suggestions? or does this sound like the disc drive (motor) is bad? Thanks in advance!

I cant include a link to the video showing what i described above, but if you go to “” you will see what i’m trying to describe.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions ya’ll might have.


your problem sounds like a no power drive, and that can be caused by a blown fuse on your motherboard…

Thank you La_Hache_Es_Muda. After a few more hours of searching I learned about F6202 and F6201 fuses. What I can’t seem to find out is their specs for a proper replacement fuse(s). I would preferrably like to purchase one from mouser dot com or digikey dot com. Any idea’s?? Thanks!

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No idea, but you can bridge them to see if that’s the problem… have you already checked them?

I finally got around to fixing this. It was as previously mentioned the 6202 fuse had popped. I replaced it and it fixed the issue. Overall was a great learning experience as i’m quite new to soldering.

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I replaced yesterday that fuse too, put inside the disk and it worked, then I ejected it. today I tried to insert spiderman disk, but ps4 slim did not accept the game disk. finally I dissembled and found that 6202 is blown at second time.
is there any solution ? can I left line opened without fuse? just will solder it

I made bridge connection and now disk drive is working properly. but why it blew twice that fuse? is my ps4 at risk?