PS4 rollers won't spin or respond

last week i deep cleaned my ps4 original and that also included the disc drive. now the problem i have ran into after fully reassembling the ps4 was that the disc insertion guard was still up but at the time i didn’t know that was the problem so i re-dissasembled it and was to stupid to look online to find the problem so i took all covers off to take a look inside to look what the problem was (i took of the gray metal part with the gears and the metal part, daughterboard and plastic plate) and after re-assembling it and not having found the problem (wich was that the guard was still up) i encountered a new problem where-off i cant seem to find any solutions online. the problem is that when i put my disc in that the rollers inside dont start spinning wich results in my disk not getting sucked in. does anyone know what the problem is and how to overcome this problem?

Sounds like one of the gears slipped on the inside of the disc drive…the gears connect from the self-ejection screw to the rollers and in between these gears there is a small black rubberband that attaches to two of these gears. Check the gears to make sure they are connected and alligned correctly and check the rubberband to make sure it is not loose or damaged in any way. Turn the gears with your finger while the drive is open for better inspection