Ps4 shut off issue

I have yet to see this issue on any forums but my ps4 1001a will boot up normally, and randomly shut off after 5 minutes. Without the harddrive it will stay on for 15 minutes or more(not sure if its consuming less power). I have put it in safe mode and tried to rebuild harddrive and initialize it. Still same issue. I dont get a blod or wlod. It will just shut off. It is not in rest mode. I have yet to change the power supply or fan but I dont think the power supply is the issue(due to it booting up normally) or fan since I can feel the fan pull in air from the sides. The fan is quiet throughout the time it is on. I have it in it’s own plug. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

This type of problem is normally caused by faulty solder joints under the APU and/or RAM chips.

Thank you for responding so quickly. I had a feeling it might be that, I was just hoping there might be something else I had not tried besides the power supply and fan. I will try to re solder the joints then and get back to this post. Thank you for your time.