Ps4 slim 2006a can replace apu chip?

help me about ps4 can replace apu chip because my apu chip is bad I’m check psu or other components i think apu is bad i got a good apu (bad motherboard) and good motherboard (bad apu) help me pls i want to swap it.

Unless you have a bga rework station and a ton of experience, there is no way you can replace it. And even if you were to buy one it would easily cost more than buying a ps5

Thx for reply me i got a bga rework station i think i want to try replace apu because my apu is short but I want to be sure it can be from someone who said it could be done.

Its definently possible to do, but it would be hard to do if you haven’t done it before

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Yeah i want hear that :rofl: it time to repair my ps4!!!
I come back to update how it is. Thanks @RockL79

Don’t have a rework station myself, but please keep me updated too!

I am just curious :smiley:

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