PS4 Slim 2015A disk drive issue

I’m not sure if there is a topic on here about this specific issue or not. I have been working on my uncles PS4 slim, it’s a model CUH-2015A. I’ve worked on it in the past with minor issues, but there’s now a disk drive issue.

I was told that it wouldn’t play games a few weeks ago or so, so I went over to check it out and it worked fine. The next day I got a call that it wasn’t working again and that the disk drive didn’t sound like it was spinning at all. I assumed that the drive was going out, so I ordered a new one from Mobile Defenders, got it in this week and put it in his PS4.

Now I am pretty sure I installed it properly, as it will accept a disk, act like it’s going to spin up, but then stops. Then repeats that until it finally shows “unrecognized disk” error. The weird thing is it won’t do that every time, sometimes it’ll boot up the game no problem. I tried a DVD and it worked fine as well.

The googling I did lead me to a few common fixes, so I did the safe mode software installation and rebuilt the database. I thought the software was promising as when it booted up the disk worked right off the bat, but then I removed and reinserted it and got the spinning and stopping issue again.

Now I’m at a loss, I’m pretty tech savvy, but I’ve reached my knowledge limit on this console lol.

replace the laser header unit

Are you talking about the laser unit in the disk drive itself? I’ve replaced the whole drive unit.