PS4 Slim BLOD for 10 seconds and shuts off

I got a ps4 slim with BLOD which stays static for 10 seconds and then the console shuts off
and the fan spins as well. Tried reflowing the APU but it didn’t solve the problem. Checked the board for shortage and it seems shorted around its 470 Diodes (maybe) because I’m getting 0.02 value on both sides. I can’t figure out if its the APU which is shorted or somewhere else. anything on this would be really helpful.
The board is SAE-001 and PS4 Slim model CUH-2116b

I can say at the very least reflowing could have easily killed it. The problem isn’t in the solder itself but the chip. By reflowing you could have very well killed it, but its hard to tell for now. Try replacing the diodes that seem to be shorted, and check any fuses for shorts