PS4 Slim Blu-ray player not worker

I have gotten this ps4 via a friend for free (great right?). The problem is that the disc drive doesn’t work / won’t read disc.
I have already opened it up and everything seems fine. Very confused. I sort of have experience with console repairs, but I am just clueless here and I still consider myself a beginner.
Also I have no idea where this one small black metal thing goes lol.
I can provide photos (won’t let me post pics for some reason)

Link to the pictures imgur(dot)com/a/kohyxKe

Ok, forget about that metal piece, thats justa a mounting support (doesnt make a difference)… in other hand, if your disc drive is not working at all could be a motherboard issue, blown fuses… if you do a quick research you’ll find a lot of info… anyway… i’ll show you where the problem is, i just took these pics today for another post… hehe