PS4 Slim Bluetooth Antenna Replacement Mod

So my controllers have been really laggy when i’m using my ps4 and they only work lag free when they’re plugged in directly through usb. I already made sure it wasn’t the controllers fault by resetting it and making sure it works fine on other playstations (it does) so I checked youtube to see what it could be and I found this really cool antenna replacement mod that uses an actual antenna instead of the piece of metal the playstation uses and I wanted to do that but it was for the original PS4 and I wanted to ask if it would work with the slim version that I have.

have you checked if your ps4 antenna is connected?

Yes. I actually opened it up and the metal piece of the antenna was bent backwards so I bent it back in place and also disconnected and reconnected the antenna from it’s chip and its working now. Im still probably going to do the upgrade so i’ll let the forum know if it works or not.

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I finally received the replacement antenna and installed it, and the bluetooth connection is back to normal and my wifi speeds went up too.