Ps4 slim CE-34335-8

I have a slim ps4 that keeps giving the CE-34335-8 error. I have tried formatting the hard drive with my pc, and then attempting to install the system software, but I get the same error. I have also tried a known good hard drive, and still get the same result. I can’t even get the ps4 into safe mode to attempt to install the system software.

I also tested the original hard drive in another ps4, and have had no issues with it.

If anyone has had this issue and could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Hi, I just fixed my ps4 slim that wasn’t allowing me to reinstall system hardware that was fixed by just buying a new HDD. But I see that a different HDD isn’t your problem. I believe the CE-34335-8 error brings up a screen saying “Cannot access system storage”… is this right? Iv’e seen problems like this before mostly the solutions would be to blow inside the HDD captivity, or just buying a completely new HDD.

I suggest just buying a new one instead of formatting used ones. I have a link for you for the same exact one I used for my PS4 slim…I know you don’t want to throw money for new parts that may not work. But this listing has free returns so why not at least try. After installing the new HDD and it is allowing you to continue to safe mode by holding power until 2 beeps Im guessing the HDD works and all you have to do is reinstall the system hardware.

The forums do now allow me to copy a link. So copy and paste the title below into eBay and the first choice should be the same exact HDD I bought

MaxDigital 1TB 5400RPM SATA 3Gb/s PS4 2.5" Hard Drive (PS3,PS4,PS4 Slim,PS4 Pro)

Yes it does bring up the cannot access system storage. I have even gone as far as cleaning the pins on the sata connector on the motherboard, which I had out while cleaning the shell.

I have tried both new and used mechanical hdd as well as ssd drives, and still get the same error code no matter which drive I have in the console.

As for safe mode, even holding down the power button until the second beep, all i get is cannot access system storage.