PS4 Slim disc drive has power but won’t accept disc

Hi all. I am having an issue where the bluray drive on my PS4 slim won’t accept discs. When I raise the disc to the drive the console powers on but won’t take the disc. I have taken the PS4 apart and eyeballed everything. It seems in order. The rollers are in place and there’s nothing broken in the drive itself. The rollers just won’t engage to take the disc or eject any that’s in there. It also won’t read the disc. I can manually eject discs with the screw. Would this be a fuse issue? I am trying to update to patch 7.50 but can’t because of a drive fault. Seen many people online say they have had fuses blow but haven’t seen anyone with this particular issue.

Thank you for any support you can provide! Really don’t want to buy a new PS4 with the ps5 so close.

Hey I have the exact same issue lol.
Definitely keeping my eye out on this post if anyone has the solution.

Posted this on another forum and got this response:
Fuse F6202 on the motherboard is blown most likely.

EXTREMELY common issue with the Slims, the OG PS4 has a separate disk drive Daughterboard in the disk drive itself while the Slim’s disk drive Daughterboard is actually part of the motherboard.

I then asked what type of fuse was needed and he replied with:
iirc I believe last time I did one of these I just bought a batch of generic 1A fast blowing 0402 size fuses from a computer parts site and the first one did the trick.

Hopefully this works!

I’m not at all experienced when it comes to repairing issues like that.
What do you recommend for beginners?

that’s correct, usuallty those fuses are guilty of your drive’s death… there are two fuses that are commonly blown, F6202 and F6201… you need to replace them or bridge them but you need soldering skills…

Hey mate. If you don’t have the know how, tools, or know someone who does, I’d probably recommend taking the PS4 to a repairer. Here in Australia, our equivalent of GameStop will repair PS4s for about $150AUD. If my father wasn’t an electrician who built arcade machines for a hobby I’d be doing exactly that.

Might be worth telling the repairer that you think you know what the issue is but can’t fix it yourself. Might save you being dicked around.

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Hey mate. Thanks for your help. I thought this might be the case. I know someone who’ll be able to fix it for me. Just didn’t want to take it to them without knowing roughly what the fault was.

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what i mentioned it’s just a common problem, doesn’t mean that’s the correct solution, take it to a technician so he can test to realize if that’s really the problem with your console… im saying this because i hate but also have fun when someone comes to me trying to tell me what the problem is because they watched a youtube video… i feel kind of tell them to fix it by themselves if they know that much… hehe