Ps4 slim disc drive messed up after update 7.02?


I’m having problems with my ps4, sometimes it wont take a disc in. what I would do is restart the ps4 or shut it down then turn it on and it will take the disc just as normal and read the disc just fine and fast… or if i turn it off with the disc inside once it turns on again it won’t show the disc inside. I already tried the rebuild database and it still the same.any help out there? please

I’ve heard of disc drive issues with this update. Go to notifications and delete it. Try reinstalling it with a USB drive.

Go to the PlayStation website and go to updates and download the update.

Make a folder on the USB called PS4. All caps. In the PS4 folder, create one called UPDATE. Again, all in caps. Put the download from the PlayStation website into the UPDATE folder.

Plug the USB into the console and start in safe mode by holding the power button. Run option “Initialise PS4 (Reinstall System Software)”.

Give that a whirl and let me know!

Hi Evan

You want me to download and install update 7.02 again through a usb drive or to download the ps4 system software trhough usb drive?

Yes install the update from a usb. You’ll have to delete your current update. I’d give that a try first. This rules out that your update was corrupted during install.

I followed all the steps you wrote and the problem is still there.

like I mention before. sometimes it will take the disc in and when it doesnt I have to restart the ps4. could this be something else?

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You could try to reinstall the update from safemode, delete the update again, power down, then press and hold the power button until it beeps twice and option 3 should be to install update while in safemode

I already tried that and didnt worked.

If that doesn’t change anything, worth opening the disc drive making sure everything is in order, clean the rollers!

If not, my guess is this board is malfunctioning. The two tabs are sensors for the disc drive. They are activated by two black arms on top of the drive itself. The arm presses both sensor tabs and this tells the drive that a disc has been inserted. Make sure the tabs are being pressed. If they are, you’ll need to replace this board.


Also worth noting that it can be a chip on the motherboard that has gone bad. The one linked to the disc drive.

That’s out of my wheelhouse but it’s a possibility.

i was at this point is there anything to check on this board before try to get new one ? also for the chip on the main board what i need ? i wish find an ps4 slim know as good one and try part by part to find where is the problem