PS4 Slim Disc Feeder Issue * its not the fuse*

Hello all, just an update for anyone who followed this thread. I finally managed to fix the slim in the end by swapping the renesas chip the console will now do the update and I can use it as a digital console. Unless I find out a way to reprogram the chip. It’s better than nothing, so if you have a slim with dead drive and checked all the fuses it’s more than likely a dead renesas chip.


As i know one of the issues of having a unmarried disc drive ic (resesas, mediatek, etc.) console won’t let you update, so you are saying that by swaping this chip you have updated your console? i would think that swaping that chip probably you’ll be able to play games until update comes… could you explain what your console is capable of with that chip repacled, it’s very interesting…

Wow, nice work. So it probably was faulty firmware. Thank you for coming back and updating this post.

Another update. 7.51 will not update the console now different error ce35888-2 . So I may put the old chip back on and see what happens. Oh well managed to play fortnite on it for a couple of months until the new update today which forces you to update system firmware too.

I might be having a similar issue and I am kind of lost rn.

Its a PS4 Pro that had a faulty f6202 fuse which was properly replaced. After I did, the drive started accepting disk, however it was not reading them.

Took the drive apart and plugged it externally from the console so that I can see what it’s doing, and viola… The laser (worm gear motor) is not moving. While it’s trying to read the disk and I am moving it by hand I might feel slight resistance, but only fro 0.1 sec.

On top of that, I get the typical su42118-6 error when I try to update the console.

Could it be just a dead worm gear motor, or could it be something more? Any tips? My guess is that it’s not the motor since it would not cause the su42118-6 error.

EDIT: The drive does not spin as well. Tries to spin the disk, moves it for 90ish degrees and stops. There is nothing mechanically restraining the disk from rotating.