PS4 Slim Disc Feeder Issue * its not the fuse*

Been seeing some Slims that that feeder is not working and the Laser kinda moves. Usually you would think that the F6202 Fuse would be the problem but all the fuses have continuity. I replaced all of them just to be sure with known good ones and still having the same issue. I also replaced the controller IC and other major components but still having the same issue. Scratching my head now and have been probing the board for the culprit but coming up with nothing. Anyone else come across this issue and my have a solution? I wonder if its a South Bridge Problem?

Also the Drive is good… tested it with another Motherboard.

Same problem, but mine it’s completly dead… if lasers makes a move then your have al least power… have you tried different ribbon cables?

I have tried a whole new drive with cables and still get the same result :frowning:

welcome to my club… today i’m going to bridge 02 and 03 fuses to see what happen… just to make sure they are not opening at the time i plug the console to the power… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hahaha this is so funny… i did fix it bridging 6202 and 6203, both had continuity but for some strange reason (dont know much about this kind of fuses) it is working now…

That’s crazy…don’t think I’ve seen that before. Thanks for updating this!

I only bridged 6202 and it did nothing… so I will bridge the 6203 too tomorrow and see what happens. Great Job :slight_smile:

Take in consideration these fuses are there for a reason, so doing this it could result in a different damage on the board, it worked for me but your problem could be something else… i dont care too much to lose this board so thats why i did it…

Yup I have… if something catastrophic happens like a surge or whatever may come may kill control to the drive completely.

I think it will just kill the step up component… mine still up and running… hehe

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So I just tried bridging both fusees and the drive is still not accepting the disc :frowning:

Have you checked all the other fuses in the board?

I have and they all have continuity… its just weird :frowning:

I was just like you… start checking transistors, comparing with a known good board…

I have the exact same problem here with a ps4 slim in the workshop. the trouble is with these is now it won’t update to 7.02 because it knows something is wrong with the drive and throws an su42118-6 error.
I have checked all fuses fine changed drive chip controller. still the same, laser moves on power up but drive motor won’t bring in discs swapped disc drive ect so know it’s board related I’m gonna try this bridging but I can’t see how it’s going to work. I’ll report back in 20 mins

As I suspected, no change. I think you must of just got lucky with that bridging and infact one of the fuses was probably faulty. So I can verify in my case this is not a solution

I myself am back to square one. All fuses fine, disc drive fine, changed chip controller, still no power to the drive motor :frowning_face:

Btw I can’t find a 6203 on a sad001. I bridged all 4 fuses on the bdrom board side still no change

I know, i still dont understand how that bridging worked… it doesnt make sense to me… probably one of the fuses is not really a fuse and it was previously replaced… and it opens with voltage?? I really dont know but mine was dead, at least yours has some life signals…

So it appears that this could be down a firmware corruption update by sony. A quick Google of ps4 slim 7.02 disc drive problems brings up Reddit and playstation forums with quite a few similar broken consoles caused by this update. Hopefully 7.03 might sort it

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